<transcy><div>UNIQUE MODELS leather jackets. See here!</div></transcy> <transcy><div>UNIQUE MODELS leather jackets. See here!</div></transcy>

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Sofia, Tsar Boris III Boulevard 227

<transcy>ENIGMA BOUTIQUE</transcy>

ENIGMA is a fashion studio for making leather clothes with original design. The brand is fully focused on creating sustainable high quality fashion. It is one of the first Bulgarian brands with a completed and exported SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAM working uncompromisingly.

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Виж нашата колекция от кашмирени палта

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“The way you dress is the way you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so fast. Fashion is an instant language. ”

- Miucha Prada

Програма за устойчивост

We have developed a comprehensive sustainability plan for the Enigma Leather brand. It includes 6 programs that we promise to follow with love, diligence and care.

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