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via the site www.enigma leather.com

This site is not an online store. It has an informative purpose - a catalog through which to inform consumers about the goods offered.

These terms and conditions constitute the General Terms and Conditions for distance purchase and sale contracts within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act between ALMERA-80 EOOD and its Clients (consumers).

Supplier of the goods offered through the site www.enigmaleather.com (" Site "), is "ALMERA-80" Ltd. , with UIC 205328907, with registered office in Sofia, hereinafter referred to as “ Supplier”, ”or“ Company ”. The address at which the Provider carries out its commercial activity and which is the address for contact with consumers is: Sofia, 227 Tsar Boris III Blvd. The contact telephone number of the Provider is: 888 070155 .

User ” or “ Customer ” is any person who uses the services of www.enigmaleather.com for the purpose of searching for information or in connection with ordering the offered goods through electronic catalog www.enigmaleather.com .

With each request, the user automatically accepts these general terms and conditions on www.enigmaleather.com .

All ads on www.enigmaleather.com are not commercial.

With the act of order with the button "ORDER" you do not conclude a deal with the company, but only declare your desire to receive the item to the address or office of a courier. It is considered that there is a deal only when paying for the item. In this sense, with the "ORDER" button you do not buy the item until you pay for it to the courier (we offer only the option COD).

The company does not guarantee the availability of all announced models. It is possible to refuse the submitted application. An accepted application is considered only one in which the item or materials for its production are available, the price and data are correctly filled in by the User and its acceptance is confirmed in writing by our online consultants by e-mail.

The company responds to online requests received from customers within 1 (one) business day after the date of receipt of the request.In this period, the days that are weekends or public holidays are not counted. In case of unavailability of an item or materials for its production, we notify the Clients in person by phone or e-mail. In case we cannot contact the Client by phone (does not answer or the phone is not correct) or e-mail (misspelled or invalid e-mail address) within one working day, the application is canceled. The request can be re-applied after the Client contacts the contact phone number indicated on the website of the Provider for clarification or after sending a new corrective request.

The prices indicated on the website of the Supplier are prices for one item and are final prices of the goods, including all taxes and fees.

In addition to the price of the goods, the Customer also pays the delivery costs. Deliveries in the country are made through the courier company SPEEDY, except in cases where the Customer has explicitly indicated another company. The costs for courier delivery with SPEEDY are in the price range of BGN 7.80 - BGN 9.90 depending on the weight of the shipment + 2.4% on the price of the item for the imposed payment. Minimal difference in delivery costs is possible depending on the delivery area and the volume of the shipment.

Terms of payment are only cash on delivery , delivery is made by courier company. In this sense, the sale is only after payment of cash on delivery to the courier. Prior to the payment of cash on delivery, the Customer has no right of possession over the goods (no right to receive the goods).

After a confirmed (accepted) order, the item is made individually for the Client - according to the size specified by him XS, S, M, L, XL or XXL. The product can also be made according to the individual sizes of the Client, different from the ones indicated in the table with sizes. Enigma Leather online boutique delivers your orders within the time specified under the description of the item and confirmed by our online consultants. The request is executed if there are materials for the production of the product and after its acceptance.

Art.1 . The Provider provides the User with the opportunity in compliance with these "General Terms" to declare the goods offered in the electronic catalog www.enigmaleather.com.

Art.2 . (1) The supplier publishes its products on the website: www.enigmaleathercom> with the following information:

* description of the main characteristics of each product and the materials from which it is made;

* realistic image of each product;

* selling price,

(2) The provider publishes on the website www.enigmaleather.com and information about:

* the value of courier costs not included in the price of the goods related to their delivery;

* information about the methods of payment - delivery is made ONLY by cash on delivery, terms and conditions of the contract;

* the right of the User, the conditions and the way to withdraw from the contract and the conditions under which the goods can be returned; there are cases under the Consumer Protection Act in which the purchased goods cannot be returned;

Art.3 . In order to receive the right to make valid requests for receipt of the goods offered at www.enigmaleather.com, the User must specify the address for receipt of the ordered goods and current telephone number. The user guarantees that the data he provides is correct, complete and accurate and will update them in a timely manner if the latter changes. No part of this data will be used or stored for purposes other than the conclusion and execution of the contract of sale. The user voluntarily provides his personal data (name, e-mail address, telephone and administrative address) for the purpose of concluding and executing a contract for the supply of items from the electronic catalog www.enigmaleather.com.

Art.4 . By the act of filling in the application and providing the data requested above by the User, it is considered that the User has expressed consent to these General Terms and Conditions, and therefore is considered bound by their terms.

Art.5 . (1) Upon request, the electronic catalog www.enigmaleather.com notifies the User of the registration of his request in the system at the e-mail address specified by him. The recording of the order does not mean that the order has been accepted, but only a record of the desire to deliver. Online boutique ENIGMA reserves the right to refuse orders due to unavailability of the item or materials for its manufacture.

(2) After recording the order, a representative of the store takes action to contact the User in order to specify the time of manufacture and delivery of the ordered goods or, if necessary, other details. within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the acceptance of the application by the Provider.

(3) After clarifying all the details under the previous paragraph, the Provider notifies the Client by e-mail that his application has been accepted. In this sense, an application sent by the Client takes effect between the parties only from the moment when its acceptance is confirmed by the Merchant by e-mail.

(4) In case of incomplete, incorrect or wrong administrative or electronic address and / or telephone number when submitting the application, the application shall be considered invalid and the Provider shall not be obliged to fulfill it. >

Art.6 . All prices are in Bulgarian levs for one piece. The indicated prices of the individual goods are for one piece and do not include the delivery costs. The courier delivery costs are at the expense of the Client and are in the price range of BGN 7.80. - BGN 9.90. depending on the weight of the shipment. Prices are final and include all taxes and fees

Art.7 . The price under Art. 6 and the delivery costs can be paid only with cash on delivery as the User undertakes to pay the selling price of the purchased goods and courier services related to its delivery. The courier service can be calculated separately on the bill of lading or added to the imposed payment.

Art.8 . The goods ordered for purchase shall be delivered with appropriate according to its type packaging and transport to the address specified by the User for delivery in sufficient time according to the circumstances agreed between the Representative of the electronic catalog www.enigmaleather.com and the User, but not later than the term under Art. . 5, para. 2.

Art.9 . The goods are delivered to the delivery address of the User or to a third party-representative of the User, who is located at the specified address and accepts and confirms receipt of the same on behalf of the User.Upon delivery of the goods the User or the third party - representative of the User sign the accompanying documents serving as confirmation of delivery of the goods in case the User is not found within the delivery time at the address specified of the goods within this period, the Supplier is released from its obligation to deliver the ordered goods. The consumer can confirm his wish to receive the goods even after the expiration of the delivery period in which he was not found at the address, bearing all costs of delivery. In this case a new term for delivery shall start running from the moment of the confirmation under the previous sentence.

Art.10 . The Provider is obliged: to transfer to the User the actual power of the purchased goods after payment of the cash on delivery to the courier; to deliver the goods ordered for purchase within the agreed term; to take due care in accordance with normal practice for the performance of his duties.

Art.11 . The provider is entitled to:

- to send messages to the User when the Client has subscribed to the e-newsletter;

- to refuse requests to Users due to technical errors (wrong price when publishing, wrong description, poor appearance of the goods, unavailability of materials and the like);

- make electronic links from your site to other websites

Art.12 . Provider:

· takes care that the information in the catalog is always correct and up-to-date, but does not guarantee its reliability and completeness (minor errors are possible in describing the item, prices and sizes). In these cases, the ENIGMA online catalog reserves the right to refuse orders by notifying the User.

· is not responsible for not providing access to the catalog, as well as for non-processing or untimely processing of purchase orders in the event of circumstances beyond its control - cases of force majeure, accidental events, problems with the global Internet; >

· does not guarantee that access to the catalog will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and error-free, insofar as this is beyond its capabilities, control and will;

· insofar as it does not have the objective possibility and obligation and does not control the Internet pages and resources made available through the electronic links placed in the store and in the user profile, is not responsible for the illegal nature of the content and materials on these Internet pages and resources ;

· has no obligation and objective ability to control the way the User uses the catalog

· does not change details that the system automatically generates and cannot be removed without the intervention of the creators of the platform, which the creators of the online platform embed when updating the version automatically.

Art.13 . The user undertakes:

· indicate the exact and valid telephone number, administrative delivery address and e-mail address for correspondence; in case of incorrectly entered data, the online catalog ENIGMA is not obliged to send a shipment to the User and has the right to cancel a delivery request;

· not to dispute incorrectly entered information from the technical department of the site (wrong description, prices and sizes);

· to pay the price of the goods ordered by him in the manner specified in these conditions;

· pay the delivery costs, except in cases where the delivery costs remain at the expense of the Supplier;

· to receive the goods;

Art.14 .(1) The consumer is entitled to:

· online access to the Provider, subject to the conditions and requirements for access, except in circumstances beyond the control of the Provider - cases of force majeure, accidental events, problems in the global Internet;

  • to refuse to receive the goods requested by him for purchase in compliance with the legal requirements of the Consumer Protection Act and these General Terms and Conditions;

(2) The term for exercising the right of withdrawal from the contract is 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery of the goods by the courier to the User at the administrative address specified by the User or a third party located at the address specified by the User According to Art. 50, para. 1 of the CPA, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the distance contract without stating a reason, without paying compensation or penalty and without paying any costs for the refusal, except for: 1) additional costs for delivery of goods, where the consumer has explicitly chosen a method of delivery of the goods other than the cheapest type of standard delivery offered by the trader and 2) the cost of returning the goods.

(3) For the exercise of the right to withdraw from the contract, the Provider provides users with a standard form in the form , attached to these General Terms and Conditions. When he wants to withdraw from the contract, the User informs the Provider by e-mail or mail by sending him a signed withdrawal form within 14 days under the previous paragraph. Together with the refusal, the User returns (sends back) to the Supplier the received goods. Upon receipt of the withdrawal from the contract, the Provider should immediately confirm its receipt to the User.

(4) Within 14 days from the date on which he was notified of the refusal and received the goods back from the User, the Supplier shall refund the amounts paid by the User for the purchase and delivery of the goods. The costs at the expense of the User are indicated above in paragraph two of this article. The return of the amounts to the User is done in the same order in which the User has paid for the item - ie.The User sends at his own expense the item to the Provider with cash on delivery. The courier is obliged to report the amount paid to the User according to the terms of the courier company for deliveries (usually the next day).

(5) The User has no right of refusal in cases where the garment is made to individual dimensions of the User.

(6) The consumer loses his right to refuse in cases where the integrity of the label is violated (the label is torn) or when the label is torn or cut from the garment or when the garment is damaged - torn, dirty, burned, etc. This means that the garment is not just tried on, but worn for some time and for reasons of hygiene and health protection, it is not subject to return to the Supplier.

(7) In case the Supplier receives from the Client goods in violation of the previous para. 6 or goods that have been sent after the expiration of the term under para. 3 or goods, it is subject to return to the Customer. In these cases the Supplier returns the goods to the Client by courier at the expense of the Client within 14 days and accordingly does not refund the price paid. In these cases the Provider informs the Client by e-mail.

Art.15 . The user undertakes:

· comply with the terms and conditions for filing complaints and requests for replacement of ordered goods, terms and conditions published on the website www.enigmaleather.com and by submitting an application is considered bound by these terms and conditions;

· to observe the Bulgarian legislation, the present General Terms and Conditions, the Internet ethics, the rules of morals and good manners;

· not to infringe another's property or non-property rights, including intellectual property rights;

· to immediately notify the Provider of any case of committed or discovered violation during the use of the store;

· notify the owner of the online catalog if he notices incorrectly entered information (usually wrong price);

· not to interfere with the proper functioning of the system, including, but not limited to, not to frustrate the identification procedure of another user, not to access outside the provided, not to prevent other users from using the store;

· not to commit malicious acts within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions

· not use the site for the purpose of copyright theft.

In case of non-compliance with the obligations, the Provider is entitled to compensation for all damages and lost profits, which are a direct and immediate consequence of the non-fulfillment of obligations by the User. In these cases, the Provider has the right to refer to the competent state authorities to establish the relevant violation.

Art.16 Except in the cases of refusal, indicated above, the contract between the Provider and the User is terminated in the event of any of the following circumstances:

- termination of the activity by the Provider;

- stop maintaining the online catalog;

- in case of non-fulfillment of the User's obligations under these general conditions;

- in other cases provided by law.

Only cases where there is payment are considered a contract. Requesting an item on the site is not a contract

Art.17 The written form is considered complied with by sending letters, documents and messages by mail, e-mail to the address of the User specified by him, respectively to the address of the provider specified on his website; by pressing an electronic button on a page of the Site with content that is filled in by the User or marking in a field on the Site and the like, as long as the statement is technically recorded in a way that allows it to be reproduced

For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms and expressions used in these General Terms and Conditions have the following meanings:

<<3> S ait is www.enigmaleather.com , which is a dedicated place on the global Internet, accessible through its unified address (URL) via HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol and containing files, programs, text, sound, picture, image or other materials and resources.

"Website" is an integral and separate part of the site.

www.enigmaleather.com is an online catalog for informing and presenting goods at a distance, which are delivered after their explicit request by the User and in accordance with the rules specified in these General Terms and Conditions.

"User" or "Customer" is a natural person who has reached the age of 18 or a legal entity that is registered in the Republic of Bulgaria and has agreed with these General "Consumer" is a person within the meaning of § 13, item 1 of the additional provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

Provider, ” is a person within the meaning of § 13, item 2 of the additional provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

"Email" is an electronic tool for storing and transmitting electronic messages over the Internet via standardized protocols.

"Sales price" is the final price per unit or for a certain quantity of goods or services, including value added tax and all additional taxes and fees.

"Electronic link" is a link marked on a specific website that allows automated redirection to another website, information resource or object through standardized protocols

"Information system / System" is any single device or set of interconnected or similar devices which, in the execution of a particular program, provides, or one of the elements of which it provides, automatic data processing .

"IP address" is a unique identification number that associates a computer, website or resource of the User in a way that allows them to be located on the global Internet.

"Commercial communications" are advertising or other communications representing, directly or indirectly, the goods, services or reputation of a person engaged in a trade or craft business or in a regulated profession.

"Malicious actions" are actions or omissions that violate Internet ethics or harm persons connected to the Internet or associated networks, sending unsolicited mail (unsolicited commercial communications contrary to law, spam, junk mail, flooding, gaining access to resources with foreign rights and passwords, using vulnerabilities in systems for one's own benefit or hacking, performing actions that can be qualified such as industrial espionage or sabotage, damage or destruction of systems or information files (crack), sending "Trojan horses" or causing the installation of viruses or remote control systems, disrupting the normal operation of other Internet users and associated networks, performing any and any actions that may qualify as a crime or administrative violation under Bulgarian law or other applicable law.

The General Terms and Conditions may be changed unilaterally by the Provider, who after making the changes is obliged to notify the User by sending an e-mail and / or posting a notice in a prominent place on the Site.The changes in the General Terms and Conditions do not affect the relations between the User and the Provider, which arose with a valid application for purchase of goods submitted before the notification

The provisions of the current legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to the unsettled issues.

By the act of registration (subscription to the newsletter) or by filling in the application, the User agrees "online" to these General Terms and Conditions, which is considered bound by their clauses. From the moment of binding the User with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, these terms and conditions become binding in the relations between the parties.

By the act of registration the User agrees to receive the Advertising Bulletin of the online catalog www.enigmaleather.com .

In case the User does not wish to receive a Newsletter, he must explicitly inform the Provider by sending his request to the Provider's e-mail.

Thank you for choosing ENIGMALEATHER.COM!