Double-breasted hood

    2,419.99 лв2,903.99 лв

    Stylish coat with removable collar

    1,979.99 лв2,375.99 лв

    Vest with author's design

    879.99 лв1,055.99 лв

    Two-sided fine coat with animal print

    1,759.99 лв2,111.99 лв

    Силно втален кожух

    1,099.99 лв1,319.99 лв

    Фин двулицев кожух

    1,836.99 лв2,204.39 лв

    Comfortable pants

    692.99 лв831.59 лв

    Short skirt with outer pockets

    329.99 лв395.99 лв

    Long fur coat

    1,319.99 лв1,583.99 лв
    INSPIRATION - collection AUTUMN-WINTER 2022/23 by ENIGMA is inspired by the natural charge of magnetism and charm that every woman carries within herself.

    With INSPIRATION we provoke all ladies to awaken the passion and boldness in their minds. To rediscover femininity in graceful movements, a confident look and a welcoming smile.

    As the basis of this author's collection, we bet on the comfort only natural materials can create. The colours are soft and precisely chosen according to the season and trends in leather clothing. The coats have elongated silhouettes, and coat types - maximum lightness for a whole experience every day.
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