Leather jacket with metal rivets

    728.20 лв873.84 лв

    Coat with removable leather sleeves

    1,318.90 лв1,582.68 лв

    High waist stretch leggings with ties

    726.00 лв871.20 лв

    Warm winter cap

    80.30 лв96.36 лв

    Leather skirt with front fastening

    493.90 лв592.68 лв

    Lazarus decorated leather vest

    299.20 лв359.04 лв

    Suede jogging pants

    422.40 лв506.88 лв

    Combined stretch leather pants

    730.40 лв876.48 лв
    ENIGMA LEATHER is not just a brand, it is an idea, an inspiration, a skill. It is the result of many years of work and accumulated experience!
    We managed to turn ENIGMA from a fashion studio into an emblem of quality. Our leather goods are limited edition, out of bounds and timeless style, bold in design and unadulterated character!

    Each collection during these 20 years went parallel to the fashion trends on the world catwalks. We kept a close eye on all the innovations in the industry, but we remained true to our author's design and the incomparable precision in the production of details. This developed our "fashion intuition" a lot. Each new collection was completely different, innovative and daring. We started anticipating trends and bringing them to you in an uncompromisingly good way. Our fashion "sensitivity" quickly and naturally won your attention and trust. Even more! The anticipation with which our seasonal collections were awaited turned us into a brand that does not follow, but creates fashion!

    Looking back and looking at these past 20 wonderful years, we realize that it is time for ENIGMA's next step! It's time to step out of the box once again. It's time for ENIGMA LEATHER, in its typically innovative spirit, to jump into the deep waters of the unknown.
    In this world of endless possibilities, we have set new goals, inspired by the innovative, creative and limitless…

    Be with us! ENIGMA LEATHER launches its next 20 uncompromising years!
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